Intellectual Property

Unless otherwise noted, the graphic images, button, layout, and text contained in this web site and in other Haunuz Info Systems sites are the exclusive property of Haunuz Info Systems or used with permission and may not be copied or distributed, in whole or in part, without the express written consent of Haunuz Info Systems or its entities. Permission is granted to print copies of Haunuz Info Systems web pages, and to display and use these web pages with a computer solely for personal use.

We also strive to be a responsible Commitment in the Technological World by actively engaging with the Users, industry and others in Internet Freakers, with a focus on creating sustainable environments for future innovation and creativity. We are at the forefront of a strong anti-piracy effort that both educates and protects consumers and targets the Foremost organizations that are doing so much harm to end-users and local economies. And, over the last several years, IT has entered into well over a thousand licensing agreements, allowing start-ups, customers, partners, and even competitors to use ongoing innovations in their own businesses.

In order to stay competitive, a company needs to protect many things that are intangible and therefore harder to protect than tangible assets. No single regime of law, no single type of legal protection, can give a company all the protection it needs for its intangible assets. But with all types of protection taken together, and properly used, a company can protect its intellectual property against its competitors.